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Programme Management

A programme is generally defined as a number of projects linked by a common factor.  Accuman’s approach to programme management is designed to enable organisations to gain and retain control of all project activity and to create an environment in which projects can thrive.    

Projects are temporary and do not usually reflect business operations, in terms of management structure.  Programme management connects this temporary work to the permanent organisational structure and decision making processes of the business.

The essential elements of our approach are:

· A clearly understood business strategy which determines the business priorities;

· A programme management structure permanently connected to the organisation structure of the business that facilitates the tactical management of projects;

· A clearly understood process for project start up;

· An objective process for prioritising projects;

· An objective method for assessing benefits of projects, the likelihood of their realisation and sensitivity analysis;

· An approach to managing resources, risks, interdependencies and communications across the programme;

· Project support – this means undertaking many of the administrative and housekeeping tasks that are common across the programme and would be more efficiently managed from the centre;

· Project assurance – providing management support and QA of management standards and also undertaking post-project reviews;

· Promoting project management standards, so that everybody in the organisation undertakes projects in a similar manner, thereby reducing systemic management risks.

We believe that our approach should be applied pragmatically, as no two organisations are the same or have the same challenges.