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Project Management

Accuman’s approach to project management is based on PRINCE2 with a number of small but significant differences.  The key principles of our approach are:

· A clearly defined project business case;

· Clearly defined project scope, exclusions to scope and project deliverables;

· Clearly defined quality standards, plans and methods;

· Clearly defined roles and responsibilities of all project executives and stakeholders;

· Clearly defined tolerances on cost, time, quality, benefits and risk;

· Clearly defined procedures for managing risks and issues, project reporting, decision making and sign-off/acceptance;

· A clear understanding of the importance of effective team management;

· A clear understanding of how to balance the risk of project failures with the degree of management effort required.

We believe that our approach is more pragmatic and flexible in its use than PRINCE2, allowing project managers to apply the degree of control appropriate for the risks of each project they run.  At the same time, our approach encourages greater consistency by offering greater guidance in the preparation of business cases, the management of risks and the management of teams.


The key task of the project manager is to adopt the tools, methods and techniques that best support the continuous streams of management that support the delivery of the project.